Northern Route to Lions Head 2011

This was the second year that Doug Sr and Jr came to Lions Head taking the round-about northern method to the cottage but this time Pat came along as well. The northern route to cottage involves traveling through Michigan and cross over to Ontario at Sault Ste Marie then proceed onto Manitoulin Island to take the ferry to the Bruce Peninsula. Major scenes taken in along the way include pictures of the Mackinaw Bridge, Lake Superior, Sault Ste Marie locks, Sault Ste Marie Bridge, Manitoulin Island and ferry to the Bruce Peninsula.

Pat was a big help to Doug Sr when Sr bought too much Grey Goose to drink all at once before crossing into Canada, since you can't bring alcohol across the border. So Jr and Pat helped out Sr and drank up the Grey Goose before crossing. Way to go Pat.

Up North Trip 2011 Picture Album

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