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We've added our family tree, Bender Family Tree, on, a place where we can learn more about our history and share what we discover together. You can view and print this family tree as well as historical records, images, stories, etc. that are attached to it. You can also participate by:

  • Commenting on people, images or stories
  • Adding photos or stories

Our family tree already has 1235 people, 113 photos and 380 historical records.

Guest login info:

  • User name: SandysGuest
  • Password: guest

Upon logging into Bender Family Tree site, look for and click on the "Trees" menu item on the Ancestry Menu bar. Then click on "Bender Family Tree" from the dropdown menu.

To find a particular person in the Family Tree, look for the text box near the upper right hand corner with the text: "Find a person in this tree". Enter the name of the person in which you wish to find. If the person is found, it will take you to the person's position in the Family Tree.

Check it out...

Hope you enjoy our tree,

Doug Bender Sr


Videos on Family History:

Grandparents Picture Album

For extensive history, stories and videos about the Bender Family and related families, visit Bender Ancestry website.

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Doug Bender Sr Family Tree